Tips To Travel With Your Bike

Tips To Travel With Your Bike
Tips To Travel With Your Bike

Few Tips To Travel With Your Own Bike On An Adventure


If you are thinking about riding it on your bike, you must have a lot of adventure. This is a big step, especially if you are not the type in whom the car seems normal. Even if you are an expert cyclist, deciding to travel on an adventure while riding a motorcycle will require a lot of preparation and research rather than reading a car or just taking a flight. The purpose of this article is to guide you through the things you need to do at your own pace.


Inspect your motorcycle first or have a professional with you. Whether you have a mountain bike under 300 or a mountain bike under 200, safety is very important. You have to be more specific with the help you render toward other people. Make sure your helmet is ready and in order to block your view. If you are thinking of riding at night, light your helmet and bike. Make sure its speed is clear for other cyclists and drivers to see you clearly. Take your motorbike for a long-distance test ride. This will help you to remove some of the security doubts.

Tips To Travel With Your Bike
Tips To Travel With Your Bike

Take a closer look at your map, it will give you an idea of the surrounding area, the expected traffic. In case of any emergency, do research to anticipate and note the places where you can seek refuge. The most important thing is to ensure the research and settlement of this place when it comes to its security.


If you are seriously planning to travel with your motorcycle, at least, make sure you know how to adjust the saddle and change tires in case of flats. Even if you have already marked the motorcycle shops on your map, these basics will save a lot of time in not forgetting the money. You can imagine if your tire bursts somewhere in the middle & you have to take it to a technician. Not an exciting detour you’d wished for, true?


Also, learn how to adjust the saddle to the correct height. You should definitely ride and adjust your brakes at the same time. It is equally important to know how to tighten the bolts or where the lubrication chain is.


At some point, you may be forced to pack a motorcycle for a flight or other means of transportation, so make sure you have a motorcycle bag. Below are guidelines on how to pack a bike


At some point, you might be forced to pack your bike for a flight or via other means of transport, so ensure you have a bike bag. Here is a guideline on how to pack a bike:


  1. Deflate the tires but not entirely
  2. Remove the handlebars & connect them to frame else turn them to one side
  3. Remove or lower the seat
  4. You can exclude the wheels well.
  5. Ensure everything is adjusted well, most bags with various fitments suited for their bike parts. Fit them & join with straps.

You can’t afford to take the pain off. If you exercise regularly, push yourself a little further. If exercising is not normal for you, hit the gym or set aside enough hours to cycle. If possible, follow similar lines, this will help you realize that a motorcycle ride is important as well as a confident ride.


Tips To Travel With Your Bike
Tips To Travel With Your Bike
  • GPS
  • LOCK

Here Are A Few Key Tips On How to Pack Your Mountain Bike For Flying & Overcome The Chances Of Your Bike Being Broken in Transit:

  • Make sure your mountain bike is labelled clearly with your name, & your home & destination addresses
  • Remove your front wheel.
  • Remove your rear derailleur.
  • Remove your pedals.
  • Remove your stem, not your handlebars. (It is easier to replace your stem with handlebars attached, then adjust your handlebar position/ angle on arrival)
  • Be sure to put something in between your brake pads to prevent them from being forced together for hydraulic brakes.
  • Make sure most of the air has been expelled from your tyres.
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