How to Make a Good Travel Video

How to Make a Good Travel Video
How to Make a Good Travel Video

So, you’re about to start on an adventure. I get it. It’s one of the best, most inspiring feelings. As you’re planning your trip, you imagine the way you want to capture it. There are so many boring travel photos all over social media. So you should capture and make your photos more exciting.

There’s something to consider while making a very appealing travel video. It should be very creative, rewarding. If you think in a little creative way, it can become an exciting project that you will have during your travels. When I went around America, I often found myself feeling very productive, but with nothing to do. Instead of thinking about all the new adventures, I would start when I was back home. When you travel, it’s easy to feel like you need to do something with all the inspiration to make the adventures amazing. Since then, I found that creating a travel video is the best way to focus my energy and come back from the trip with something significant.

Video is one of the best ways to capture your memories in their most pure form, and with impressive new technology coming out in this field the whole time, there hasn’t been a better time to do it. But where do you start? That’s what I wanted to help you out with the five steps that should guide you in the right direction.

Inspiration and planning
Inspiration and planning

1. Inspiration and planning

First, you need to motivate yourself to travel and plan for all the places to visit and capture. You can make a travel video of any area. You can make a documentary to capture the truth as much as possible. You can make a video to show off the best and romantic time of your travel, or you can make a video of all of your friends and people you meet during the trip and all of the fantastic food you eat. The possibilities are endless, and it depends upon your own [vision what you want to create.

For getting inspiration, you can watch some other travel videos of the places you are in. From these videos, you will get a lot of ideas you could include in your travel. You can find these types of videos from youtube and Instagram. Instead of watching the videos and copying it, you should look for specific techniques and aspects you love. Find out a way how you can create your videos and then try it in your video creation.

So do a few searches online, get inspiration, gather styles/techniques, note missing items you could include in your video, and capture your beautiful memories in a video.

Camera and Equipment for capturing Videos
Camera and Equipment for capturing Videos

2. Camera and Equipment for capturing Videos

The most frequently asked question is: What camera should I use?

It is a hard one. I have to decide whether I should take my DSLR to my travel or not. I am happy I bring a camera on my last journey because it is the best decision to capture the beautiful movements of my life. I took some epic photos with it.

It depends on how much you’re committed to. These days I bring a lot of things with my DSLR on my trips. It is because I love to make travel videos, and it is my hobby.

So, It’s up to your commitment and based on that, and you can decide whether you should bring it with you.

In my opinion, there are four types of cameras you can bring:

  • Your Phone
  • A Compact Camera
  • A DSLR
  • A DSLR with a few lenses, and other DSLR equipment
Start Shooting
Start Shooting

3. Start Shooting

So you are excited and have a plan for your trip, Let’s start capturing the beautiful memories of your life.

What an earth do you film?

I think the best way is to know the most common mistakes and avoid them in your shooting.

So, here are the most common video shooting mistakes:

Mistake 1: Filming everything

Filming everything will result in too many pictures and videos. So there is a lot of editing tasks to do. And it is a complete waste of time to capture and edit the videos that make no sense.

Mistake 2: Only Capture places and Landscapes

It is the landscapes and places that renew for you, but the thing is most of the people don’t care that much about the landscapes and places one you have there. The people you will meet in the places are the most memorable time.

Always keep in mind to film people in those places instead of just landscapes. When I traveled to America, I didn’t capture the fantastic moments with the people. I wish I have captured more friends at that time. I also didn’t bring my DSLR at that time, and I did capture with my phone that was not too much good result. So always make sure you didn’t make these mistakes.

Mistake 3: Too much Moving the Camera

Don’t see somewhere else while shooting something, and don’t move your camera too much while recording your amazing memories.

You should look for the place you want to capture and make sure your camera is not moving too much and take a decent shot at that time.

Edit Video if possible
Edit Video if possible

4. Edit Video (if possible)

Editing the video during travel is a little confusing because you have to manage the time for it. But I love editing the videos during journey. After a few days, I edit my videos and shoots and often get overwhelmed with a lot of videos. And next time, I capture the photos and videos more carefully.

I start editing and listening to the videos again to see what fits better and experiment with it.

Finalizing Video
Finalizing Video

5. Finalizing Video

So, you have done a beautiful and exciting tour at your favorite place and captured the best moments of your life. It’s the time to re-editing your videos and adding the rest of the footage and working on it until everything is ok. Take your time to edit, and don’t rush it.

At this point, getting rid of the things that are not good is very important. Honestly, at this point, you will have a lot of photos and videos that are garbage. So decide wisely what to include in the video and what not to.

This is the time to make the video more entertaining and watchable to your friends and family.

So, If you want to get the best out of it and never let the perfectionism control you. You need to make the masterpiece of your shoots.

Did I miss anything? If you think I have missed any point, please make sure to let us know about it. And it would be very beneficial for us.